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Craig Pearce March 1, 2013

1. Telecom Expense and Asset Management are boardroom issues

2. There are significant challenges associated with managing Telecom Expenses

3. Telecom Expenses are rising despite the decrease in fixed Telecom cost

4. You are being billed incorrectly by your provider, and errors will continue until you decide to do something about it

5. You will overspend on your wireless cost by 15% or more

6. It is the CFO's responsibility to insure that Telecom expenses are under control, NOT the Telecom or I.T. manager

7. The cost of ignoring Telecom expense management can be very expensive

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Tri-Solve White Paper

About Tri-Solve

Tri-Solve is a national telecommunications consulting and cost containment firm. Founded in 2003 by industry experts, Tri-Solve recovers and saves its clients millions of dollars each year through a contingency- based telecom audit and provides technology assessments to clients who are seeking a technology refresh or has disaster recovery and technology concerns. Tri-Solve’s strategic disaster recovery experts help customers to design and implement disaster recovery solutions for their telecommunications and Information Technology needs.

There are no up-front fees or charges. Tri-Solve earns customer's business by finding them savings. Tri-Solve is paid out of the savings and refunds that are taken back from the phone companies. There truly is NO cost to the customer. The payment comes out of "found" money.

Tri-Solve's contingency-based telecom audit consists of identifying and recovering overcharges while analyzing existing contracts to dramatically impact the bottom line. This includes local, long distance, data services, Internet, VoIP, 800 services (toll free), cellular, conferencing, and telephone and equipment maintenance. Their experts review the bills and produce savings from the current carriers. Customers do not have to change service providers to realize big savings. The savings Tri-Solve has been able to produce for their client’s averages around 20% of the monthly billing.

With an 89% error rate in telecommunications billing for businesses with 10 or more lines, finding unnecessary charges is just about guaranteed.

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