Auditing Services

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Auditing Services


Tri-Solve offers a comprehensive system for auditing the telecom service plans of business users. Tri-Solve’s auditing services are based on a twenty four year, industry tested, and proven process. We work with our clients to review and uncover discrepancies between their actual billing and the service contract, and negotiate on their behalf with the service providers for appropriate refunds and credits found during the auditing process. Additionally, our audit process seeks to uncover charges for unused services, as well as hidden charges, that most customers are not aware they are being billed.

Our assurance to you is our bill auditing service and here’s why, we analyze each bill manually, line-by-line. While some Telecom auditors use software to conduct the audit, we use software to track the auditing process, but we don’t use software to short-step the audit process. Upon completion of an audit, Tri-Solve will provide you with a detail inventory of the telecom auditing services you have and the cost associated with each item.

Finally, you will find our Southern brand of customer service and attention to detail and your needs, a refreshing change in doing business. We are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations. Contact us to discuss how our auditing services and an audit of your telecom services can potentially save your company thousands of dollars.

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