Tri Solve, LLC - Birmingham, Alabama

Our Fee Structure

Depending on your budget requirements, we offer several fee options to fit your needs and objectives. Our Telecom Professionals can provide you the information you need to make the best decision. In general, we offer two different auditing fee structures.

Performance based Fees:

Most of our clients prefer this method of auditing fee structure because it provides them with zero financial risk. If we are not successful at reducing your telecom costs, then our auditing service is free. If we are successful, then we participate in those savings.

Hourly or flat rate fees:

Some clients prefer to operate under a more defined fee structure, where we charge either an hourly fee or a flat fee based on the project. Contact us for a free consultation so you can better understand our offerings and what fee structure would best serve your business.

As you can see we specialize in the diversity of our client’s desires to be flexible in our fee structure. We pride ourselves in providing two options in order to put more power in our customer’s hand.

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