Professional Services

Tri Solve, LLC - Birmingham, Alabama

Tri-Solve is an independent telecom consulting firm that represents your interests in evaluating your telecommunication services. As your consultant, we work on your behalf to address many facets of telecom needs, including:

1) RFP (Request For Proposal) Development
2) Managing Vendor Selection
3) Network Analysis
4) Outsourced Telecom Management
5) Designing disaster recovery solutions (voice and data) to insure business continuity


RFP Development


If you are planning to select a new telecom vendor at the end of your current service contract, Tri-Solve offers extensive consulting services to assist you in managing this process to ensure that you select the vendor that best meets your service needs at the best possible pricing. You can get more business tips with a new guide on business handling, go check it out


Reasons for Outsourcing an RFP and Vendor Selection Analysis


Needs Assessment – Internal requirements gathering can be assumptive. Outsourcing typically uncovers previously unrealized needs, and ensures an RFP document that accurately reflects all stakeholder needs. Audit of Current Telecom Charges – Auditing is our primary consulting practice. Our knowledge and experience in reviewing telecom bills allows us to pinpoint areas for improving utilization as well as identifying overcharges that could provide refunds or credits for current services. More importantly, conducting the audit provides us with the depth of knowledge that ensures a comprehensive RFP document that addresses your current and future telecom needs. Development of Vendor Scorecard – Weighing vendor responses in terms of importance is critical for ensuring the best vendor selection. We provide the analysis to help prioritize responses based on your most mission critical needs. Administration RFP Development – The development of an RFP document is a tedious and time-consuming process. It is especially challenging while continuing to manage other business activities. Defining RFP and Evaluation Process – Includes establishing critical project dates, point and method of contact, and overall client expectations. RFP Distribution – Includes development of project overview, RFP and vendor selection process, evaluation and selection timeline, contact information, and clearly defined expectations. Vendor Response Management – Involves multiple tasks including management of vendor pre-bid conference, vendor question response and distribution, and response to specific vendor questions and needs prior to RFP due date. Selection Defining Vendor Selection Criteria – To accompany the RFP, this document overviews the client’s selection criteria for a vendor, and any specific methods used in evaluating the RFP. Vendor Response Mapping – Mapping responses to Vendor Scorecard to determine vendor short list. Financial Value Eliminate Lost Productivity – An internal RFP and selection process can strain company resources and dramatically impact productivity toward other business activities. The financial impact of resource demands to support the selection process can be extensive. You can easily estimate 30-60 hours devoted to supporting vendor inquiries. Optimize Contract Terms – As a third-party, we can leverage our experience to help ensure that the best possible terms and conditions are negotiated on your behalf. Designing disaster recovery solutions (voice and data) Tri-Solve’s strategic disaster recovery experts help customers to design and implement disaster recovery solutions for their telecommunications and Information Technology needs, in order to minimize and eliminate the risk of network downtime.