Why Audit

Tri Solve, LLC - Birmingham, Alabama

If you had sixty different billing systems to invoice your customers, would you feel confident about the accuracy of your invoices?

Telecom carriers want you to think so…
With the changing landscape of telecom providers, i.e. mergers, acquisitions, new service plans, broadened services, convergence of voice and data, the complexity of telecom billing rivals our Federal tax code.

Industry reports estimate that 80% of all business telecom bills are incorrect.

Common overcharges are from 15 – 25% of annual telecom budgets.

Pursuing an overcharge with the service provider is a daunting task if you don’t know the provider’s process for reviewing and crediting overcharges, and the legal basis for claiming refunds. It usually results in less than the full credit due.

There are numerous “hidden” charges buried in most commercial bills. Current law allows carriers to consolidate numerous charges.

Did you know that there are over 55,000 different taxing authorities in the United States that can affect your telecom billing?
Are you sure that the taxes and regulatory fees you are paying are correct?
Do you know with certainty that you are being billed for all services according to your negotiated contract, or tariff?
Have you closed sites or made major circuit changes in the past year?
Are you constantly adding, or changing services?


The Changing Landscape of Telecommunications



It’s no secret the telecom industry has seen significant change over the last few years.


Changes in technology, with increased data services, and increased wireless services.
Changes in vendors, with consolidating companies, and financially strapped service providers.
Changes in services and billing structures, with the convergence voice and data services (VoIP) has caused tremendous problems in telecom billing.


All of this change, and its inherent complexity, have made analysis of telecom plans and bills an amazing challenge.


Are you on the best plan for your needs?
Are you being billed for services you no longer use?
Do you understand the tariffs, taxes and other hidden charges?
How do you negotiate with the service provider when you do have an overcharge problem?

Short of our federal tax code, nothing is more complicated, and ever changing as the telecom industry’s service rate structure. And never has there been such a need by businesses for an industry expert to ensure that they are getting the best possible service at the best possible price.

And with all of this change, one thing has remained the same – the telecom provider’s commitment to customer service continues to erode.

“Statistics show that providers have decreased their customer service centers by 65% over the past three years. In some cases, personnel have been replaced by Internet customer care centers.”

Shouldn’t our government enforce proper billing by the telecom industry?

“The Government is ill equipped to address the multitude of errors and billing excesses.” Susan Hess, former Commissioner, FCC.


The solution:


Tri-Solve is a customer advocate, and engages your telecom vendor, on your behalf, to negotiate credits and refunds for overcharges. Tri-Solve also takes action to ensure that erroneous charges are removed from future invoices, potentially saving your company thousands of dollars. The best part is there is ZERO financial risk on your part. Our fee is performance based, meaning if we do not produce positive results, you don’t pay us a dime! It’s a “no-brainer”!