Internet of Things use cases that will require 5G

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Internet of Things use cases that will require 5G

May 25, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Internet of Things use cases that will require 5G

For now, while “5G” technology continues to take shape ahead of standardization, the Internet of Things is developing without the benefit of ultra-fast, incredibly low latency network access. But, to understand the potential set to exist in the near future, let’s take a look at a few IoT use cases that will benefit from 5G.

Here at IndustrialIoT5Gwe like to think of this opportunity as a Venn diagram with the Industrial Internet of Things and 5G as overlapping circles; and inside that overlap – as we’ll see as early as 2020 when 5G mobile networks are tracking for commercialization in limited markets – is where some of the really interesting, futuristic applications will come to life.

In a guest column published by IoT Evolution, Yuping Tseng, VP of product development for ThroughTek, laid out three example “Internet of Things” use cases set for a big boost from 5G. ThroughTek sells an end-to-end IoT platform with a software-as-a-service model born out of connecting surveillance systems to a cloud ecosystem.

In Tseng’s column, he focuses on IoT-5G applications in smart cities, entertainment and advertising.

In connected urban environments, “faster and lower-latency data transmissions will allow for real-time communications among connected smart city devices. … For example, traffic control will greatly improve when road conditions can be analyzed in real time by using intelligent IP-enabled cameras. Businesses will also flourish in smart cities as 5G connectivity will allow them to not only collect greater amounts of video footage, but also to process the information in real time.”

In the entertainment landscape, Tseng called the advent of virtual reality a “whole new era in gaming and video programming. 5G will provide the necessary backbone to enable high-speed, next-generation gaming and video platforms, which will require vast amounts of data and ultra-fast processing speeds.”

In the advertising “Internet of Things” use cases, Tseng thinks “predictive analytics to create generate campaigns that are in line with the last consumer trends. 5G connectivity will allow brands to target consumers faster and with greater accuracy.”