Moving? (relocating) What You Need to Know!

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Moving? (relocating) What You Need to Know!

April 5, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Moving? (relocating) What You Need to Know!

Many clients sign a lease without realizing the effects this can have on their telecom spend, and the services they will need to support their business.

Before moving, consider the following:

    1. We have access to fiber maps, showing which telco carriers reside or are close to the property you may be interested in.
    2. Not all carriers can simply move your services without charging ETF’s (early termination fees), to see what this would equate to or not equate to, engage us.
    3. Your existing or preferred carrier, service and product of choice may not be available where you are looking. Loop us in early and we can provide you with this information to make an educated decision.
    4. Depending on who the underlying carrier is, costs will vary. A great price or the same price isn’t always guaranteed when moving. Let us assess to provide an accurate cost summary.
    5. Construction. Construction costs may be associated, even in areas where services are available. Make sure you know going in what that could look like.
    6. Engage your Account Manager, we can provide you with the proper paperwork and help coordinate your move.
    7. Timeframes to install service can go past 120 days. Make sure you are looking at your options well in advance.
    8. Don’t forget to cancel your services after your new services are up and running. We DO NOT cancel services for you, however, we can guide you on how to do so.

    If you are considering moving, reach out to us and let’s weigh your options:

Craig Pearce