Telecoms Helping Fuel “Internet of Things” Growth

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Telecoms Helping Fuel “Internet of Things” Growth

November 5, 2015 Uncategorized 0

Telecoms Helping Fuel “Internet of Things” Growth


The fast-paced evolution of “Internet of Things” is evident across the marketplace, as a torrent of new innovations and applications unfold. This development is reinforced by new projections from Cisco (link is external), which projects that global data center IP traffic will triple between 2014 and 2019. This growth is fueled, in part, by “Internet of Things” and the surge of “Big Data.”

Telecom providers are facilitating and helping drive “Internet of Things” growth and development, with news reports profiling recent activities, including:

  • AT&T’s Network & “Internet of Things” Services Support the U.S. Census. This week, news broke (link is external)that AT&T’s secure 4G LTE network, in tandem with its “Internet of Things” services, will help census takers collect and transmit survey data from the field. The Census Bureau leverages the AT&T Control Center, a dynamic “Internet of Things” management platform. “We’re excited to provide advanced mobility and “Internet of Things” services to the Census Bureau to help it transform and improve its data collection programs,” said Mike Leff, vice president-Civilian, AT&T Government Solutions.


  • Verizon Works to Enhance the Economics of “Internet of Things”. As the Wall Street Journal (link is external) reported, Verizon has announced its commitment to delivering “Internet of Things” devices to the marketplace at a lower cost. The company is reducing access charges that connect “Internet of Things” devices to make this technology more accessible. Verizon also launched ThingSpace, an “Internet of Things” platform that does double duty by encouraging developers to create new “Internet of Things” applications while customers use the platform to manage their devices.

As this TechTarget (link is external) article discusses, “using telecom providers’ communications and connections experience could strengthen the evolution of the “Internet of Things” market.

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