TEM to Managed IoT -The Future of Managing Endpoints

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TEM to Managed IoT -The Future of Managing Endpoints

July 3, 2019 Uncategorized 0

TEM to Managed IoT -The Future of 

Managing Endpoints


Telecom Expense Management continues to morph. It was changed dramatically when mobile devices entered the workplace as the workers demanded BYOD so they could be connected with the workplace. Today, things – not just people – machines, autos, equipment are now connected and mobile. This creates new challenges to keep track of these assets and their communications. This means a whole approach: Managed IoT, to the internet of your things can be easily inventoried and managed.


IoT creates new endpoints – people, assets, or equipment.

An accurate, up-to-the-minute asset inventory is at the core. The focus is asset intelligence – how each asset is being utilized. We can incorporate information from the identifiers as well as capture unstructured data about assets – such as contract terms or maintenance records. We provide reporting based on user permissions and needs – day to day users, analysts, and management.


This is an exciting new evolution and has many use cases in healthcare, supply chain, manufacturing, cold chain, and more. Reach out and see how we can help in managing The Internet of Your Things.